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Classical | Jazz | well known pianists

Brief biographical sketches of famous classical pianists. (XIX Century)


Frederic Chopin : master of piano playing

The following sketch is designed simply to give the student an outline of the history of piano-playing. While the piano-technique, the art of piano making, and the art of musical composition developed separately, they also affect each other in their onward course. The man in the photo is Frederic Chopin.

In this other section, instead, I am publishing articles and resources about the most well known jazz, rock, blues and classical pianists of ever.

Famous classical pianists

Here is a list of famous classical pianists. Let me know who is your favorite pianist!

Well known Jazz pianists

The greatest jazz pianists from Bill Evans to Brad Meldhau and Keith Jarrett.

Rock Blues | Pop well known pianists

Here are the best blues, pop and rock well known pianists of ever. Let me know if I have to add other pianists and why. Thank You.